We are a small  and friendly group run by Andrew and Grace Edgar, from Whitchurch Cardiff. We run Basic Dowsing courses and offer Dowsing outings in South Wales as well as occasional presentation and discussion meetings on Dowsing and Holistic topics.


We believe that everybody can dowse and the training is not difficult. Dowsing reaches the significant energy that is natural but not as yet explained by science. INFORMATION ON BASIC DOWSING COURSE – BELOW


We think that the most important benefit of Dowsing is that it can provide a clear insight as to where people should live and work following the Earth and Water energy beneficial areas and avoiding detrimental areas. Furthermore Dowsing offers a shortcut to finding water, minerals, lost objects, archaeological sites and artefacts, health problems, allergies and health solutions.


We are especially interested in Earth Energies and provide Dowsing outings in South Wales where we teach Dowsing on site. We also undertake individual assignments to dowse for Water & Earth energies or for lost objects and lost people.

Our Past Projects

IDowsing King Arthur Stone, Gower, Wales. In 2013, Grace and Andrew carried out a Dowsing investigation there, including neighbouring burial mount and multiple lines of Earth Energies were found. The investigation culminated in article in the British Dowsing Society magazine Dowsing Today in April 2015. Link







Dowsing Cardiff. This large project involved 10 members of the Cardiff Dowsing Group. We discovered Water, Energy and Spiritual lines which are most important in Cardiff today. The project span from December 2014 to September 2015 and was described in Dowsing Today magazine in April 2016. Link






Forgotten Holy Wells in Cardiff and South Wales.  Cardiff Dowsing Group worked on this project in 2017 and the article was published in Dowsing Today magazine in April 2018. We investigated the energies and the Spirit of the Place of sixteen Holy Wells in South Glamorgan, most of them forgotten. We are working now on restoration of these wells with local communities and organisations. Link








Cardiff Dowsers Group.